One Wisconsin Now Statements ‘About Last Night’

'We Remain Committed to the Values, Ideas and Policies Which Can Improve the Lives of People Across Wisconsin'

MADISON, Wis. — The team at One Wisconsin Now released the following statements about the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States:

Grover Norquist tweeted that, “It is official. Scott Walker just won the presidential race in 2016 by passing Act 10 five years ago.” Gov. Walker agreed this morning. We agree that the results were impacted not just by Walker’s use of the power of law to get revenge on political enemies, but also by the results of a decades-long effort by Republicans to suppress the votes of people who do not look like them and who do not vote for them.

We are heartened by two things from last night’s Republican victories: First, 820,000 people used the success of One Wisconsin Institute’s lawsuit to early vote in jaw-dropping record numbers. Second, Sen. Dave Hansen, the author and tireless champion of the “Higher Ed, Lower Debt” student loan refinancing bill won handily while Democrats were utterly throttled throughout his senate district.

We remain committed to the values, ideas and policies which can improve the lives of people across Wisconsin and we will fight against any threats to the way of life we all cherish.

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