One Wisconsin Now Statements on Confirmation on Total Lack of Voter Fraud

The Only Thing More Bogus Than Scab Refs Call in Last Night Packers' Game Is Rightwing Insistence on Voter Impropriety' Says OWN

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements related to national and state media analysis showing a complete lack of widespread voter irregularity, despite a near-decade long claim by voter suppression organizations and conservative elected officials.

“We have final, irrefutable confirmation: voter fraud is a fantasy. The only real fraud is elected officials who are manipulating the laws to try and deny legal voters like seniors, students, minorities and working people from being able to cast their votes. In fact the only thing more bogus than the scab referees’ call from last night’s Green Bay Packers’ game is the rightwings’ insistence in the face of every proven fact, that there is any real voter irregularity in Wisconsin. With today being National Voter Registration Day, we encourage everyone to get out, get registered and make sure your voice is heard.”

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