One Wisconsin Now Statements on Gov. Walker’s State of the State Address

No Speech Could Have Covered Up His Abysmal Record'

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements on Gov. Walker’s State of the State address:

“This is a man running for President in 2016, and for the next two years it’s clear Gov. Walker will be pursuing an agenda that is best for his political future, designed to meet the right-wing litmus test known as the Republican Presidential primary, not the state of Wisconsin.”

“There was no speech that Gov. Walker could have delivered to cover up the abysmal record of his failed economic policies, misplaced priorities, political division and corruption. The state of Wisconsin under Gov. Walker is stuck.”

“We’ve heard Gov. Walker give his moderate song and dance before. And we’ve seen actions that have been anything but – radical legislation stripping workers of rights, attacking the right to vote, slashing taxes for the wealthy and corporations and unprecedented assaults on public education and health care. All delivered by an administration under criminal investigation.”

“The reality is Gov. Walker is offering us nothing but more of the same – more of the tax giveaways to the wealthiest and corporations that have left us among the worst states in the nation for job creation, the continuing dismantling of public education and diversion of funds to unaccountable private and for-profit schools and a looting of the public treasury by special interests comically termed government reform.”

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