One Wisconsin Now Statements on Historic Middle Class Uprising, Rebuke of Walker

Gov. Walker Knows Neither the Definition of 'Moderation Nor Compromise'

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding the statewide uprising against Gov. Scott Walker’s attacks on workers’ rights and policies hurting the state’s middle class and those in need. An analysis by One Wisconsin Now shows that the Republican vote in the nine recent recalls elections fell by over 65,000 — more than half of Walker’s statewide margin of victory in his 2010 election.

“Gov. Scott Walker’s attacks on the Wisconsin way of life have been met with a stunning rebuke. This rejection of Gov. Walker’s policies is not just from those who oppose his policies, but by the tens of thousands of voters who supported him in 2010, but who stayed home instead of supporting his agenda in the nine recalls. Anyone who has followed Walker’s long career as a professional politician knows that neither the words ‘moderation’ nor ‘compromise’ exists in his vocabulary. The damage Gov. Walker has inflicted on Wisconsin from a public policy standpoint is only surpassed by the painful division he has created in cities, towns, villages, and families across Wisconsin. It is clear he is the problem and he must be recalled in 2012 so that Wisconsin can heal and we can begin to undo the destruction he has caused.”

An analysis by One Wisconsin Now, which also shows that Walker won a voting majority in all nine Senate recall districts, is available here.

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