One Wisconsin Now Statements on Judge Issuing Injunction Against GOP Voter Suppression

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Deputy Director Mike Browne made the following statement regarding Dane County Circuit Court Judge Flanagan issuing an injunction against the voter suppression law:

“Gov. Walker and Republicans in the legislature have spent the last 15 months taking away the rights of Wisconsinites to have a say in their workplace, hold their elected officials accountable in fair elections and, with voter ID, the right to vote.

Dane County Circuit Court Judge Flanagan today struck a blow against the GOP assault on the rights of Wisconsinites by issuing an injunction against the voter suppression law.

Experts testified that 220,000 legal Wisconsin voters could be barred from exercising their Constitutional rights as a result of the GOP’s voter suppression efforts. News reports from the February elections showed multiple instances of legal voters being denied their rights – including a 69 year-old veteran and a couple who had voted for over 40 years who, because of an automobile accident, did not have photo IDs.

It is also offensive to see the cavalier attitude Gov. Walker and other defenders of voter suppression have expressed towards our most sacred of constitutional rights today by comparing the franchise to a bottle of cold medicine.”

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