One Wisconsin Now Statements on Latest Lazich Voting Rights Assault

Thwarting Gov. Walker's Likely Recall Clear Focus of 'Ridiculous' Hurdles

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding Sen. Mary Lazich’s (R-New Berlin) latest attempt to thwart the recall of Gov. Scott Walker — a never-before considered requirement for officially notarized recall signatures.

“Mary Lazich believes that only Republicans should get to vote. She believes that only Republicans should be able to use the recall process. If Mary Lazich thought recall signature notarization was such an issue, she had the last 20 years of her undistinguished career as a state legislator to do something about it. They threatened to recall Democrat Herb Kohl, and nothing from Lazich. They threatened to recall Democrat Russ Feingold, and nothing from Lazich. They threatened to recall Democrat Jim Doyle, and nothing from Lazich. Of all the shrill, partisan hackery from Mary Lazich over the years, and the list is offensively long, this is the penultimate. Mary Lazich wants to save Scott Walker from certain recall and she’ll use the Republican-controlled legislature to do it. What happened to creating jobs, Mary Lazich?”

Just hours after holding another anti-voting rights public hearing, Lazich today circulated a co-sponsorship memo today that would require person’s gathering recall signature petitions to have the petitions notarized. This would not only reduce participation, but also would add substantial cost to the gathering of signatures.

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