One Wisconsin Now Statements on Senate Passage of ‘Wrong for Wisconsin’ Right-to-Work Bill

MADISON, Wis. — The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross upon passage of Senate Bill 44:

“Seventeen Republican Senators listened to powerful special interests like the Bradley Foundation run by Gov. Walker’s campaign co-chair and voted against Wisconsin families tonight.

“A $5,000 per year pay cut for Wisconsin families to benefit corporate CEOs is wrong.

“Losing benefits like time off if you’re sick or to spend time with your family is wrong.

“Less support for our public schools and fewer people with health insurance is wrong.

“That’s what the GOP majority voted for tonight and that’s why right-to-work is wrong for Wisconsin.

“While Gov. Walker has left us unemployed and mired in billion of dollars in debt, he wants onerous new restrictions on workers while he enjoys the freedom to fly around the country campaigning for a new job instead of doing the one here he was elected to do. That’s worse than wrong. It’s outrageous.”

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