One Wisconsin Now Statements on the Success, Anniversary of the Recovery Act

Economic Collapse Averted, 44,000 Jobs Created, Retained, Funded; Similar Accounting Needed to Justify Scott Walker's $2 Billion Tax Breaks Overwhelmingly Benefitting Rich, Corporations

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now released the following statements from Executive Director Scot Ross on the one-year anniversary of the successful America Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). ARRA has provided $2.76 billion to Wisconsin for job creation, schools, transportation, health care, energy and public safety among other critical needs. Over 44,000 Wisconsin jobs have been created, retained and funded through the Recovery Act funds, which some elected officials, most prominently Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, called for Wisconsin to reject.

“The success of the Recovery Act speaks for itself. From the 44,000 Wisconsin jobs created, saved and funded, to the hundreds of billions of dollars in federal tax cuts, to the endless support to those so in need due to the economic collapse, caused by the failed policies of the Republican Congress and George W. Bush.

“What’s most impressive is the historic effort to catalog how federal dollars are creating jobs. The state of Wisconsin has been lauded nationally for its transparency. It’s too bad that similar accounting for jobs created wasn’t provided when it came to the endless tax breaks for the rich and corporations, underfunding of public infrastructure and bank deregulation, which has dominated policy since 1981.

“To those who criticize the job creation numbers of the Recovery Act, One Wisconsin Now encourages you to provide numbers showing how many jobs were created because of the Las Vegas corporate loophole, or the end of the estate tax for the heirs of billionaires, or the lack of increase in the income tax in Wisconsin for the top one percent for the past 40-plus years.

“This need for real accounting, such as shown through the Recovery Act, is particularly important in Wisconsin. Despite the state facing a $2-billion budget deficit, there are some, such as Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker who have called for a return to these budget-busting tax breaks and corporate loopholes that helped the wealthy avoid paying their fair share to Wisconsin taxpayers.

“The current tab of Walker’s tax breaks, which unfairly benefit the wealthy, stands at nearly $2 billion over two years alone. As he continues to echo the sentiments of the laughable Sarah Palin and oppose Recovery Act funds, Walker owes the people of Wisconsin and the media an answer as to how he’ll pay for his $2 billion in tax breaks and loopholes for the wealthy – that select few who already hit the jackpot under George W. Bush.”

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