One Wisconsin Now Statements on Walker’s Corporate Regulatory Giveaway

Walker to turn Governor's Office into state's largest lobbyist waiting room

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements about Gov.-elect Scott Walker’s regulatory reform plan to reward corporate campaign donors by allowing them to rewrite state regulations.

“Scott Walker’s regulatory plan is to turn the governor’s office into the state’s largest lobbyist waiting room. This is an unprecedented power grab to ensure Scott Walker’s corporate campaign donors can rewrite regulations to their exact corporate liking without having to trouble with public input or scientific impact. This is not going to create jobs – only more billing hours for lobbyists and lawyers while leaving working families further behind. Scott Walker is shamelessly turning the state’s rule making process into a quid pro quo to serve his campaign donors at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce. Massive deregulation of Wall Street caused our economic collapse and Scott Walker is following that failed model to the detriment of Wisconsin’s working families and protection of our air, water and land.”

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