One Wisconsin Now Statements on Walker’s Jobless Commerce Privatization

After Deficit-Hiking $140 Million Special Interest Spending Spree, Walker Enacting Failed, Unaccountable Indiana Model

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now issued the following statements regarding Gov. Scott Walker’s enactment of the failed Indiana model for privatizing the taxpayer-financed Wisconsin Department of Commerce.

“Gov. Scott Walker continues a failed approach to creating jobs for Wisconsin. Not content with spending $140 million in special interest giveaways which will not create any jobs in Wisconsin, Gov. Walker is privatizing the taxpayer-financed Department of Commerce and essentially creating an unaccountable $82 million TARP-style goody bag for his most favored campaign contributors. This plan was tried in Indiana and it failed to produce results and had little accountability to the taxpayers. Indiana’s unemployment rate has been as much as 33 percent higher than Wisconsin’s and continues to stay higher than ours. We know Gov. Walker has zero private sector job creating experience, but spending us further into debt and making government less accountable to the taxpayers will surely cost Wisconsin both jobs and tens of millions of dollars.”

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