One Wisconsin Now Statements on WMC’s ‘Buy Wisconsin’ Corporate Campaign

Corporate Special Interests Can Buy the Governor, But You Cannot Buy the People of Wisconsin'

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce’s “Buy Wisconsin” campaign, designed to try and drown out the statewide outrage over businesses that have supported Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to put corporations in charge of Wisconsin’s government and take as much money from education, health care and public infrastructure to give to corporate special interests and the wealthiest.

“Corporate special interests can buy Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican legislature, but you cannot buy the people of Wisconsin. Gov. Walker’s unprecedented attack on the rights of working families, public education, health care access and local communities is a plot to dismantle the middle class and enrich the wealthy, corporate America and Wall Street. Gov. Walker is raising taxes on the working poor by $51 million to give corporations and the wealthy $200 million in special interest tax breaks. Gov. Walker has already called for massive deregulation and turned the taxpayer-financed Commerce Department into an unaccountable corporate petty cash fund. When will corporate America’s insatiable greed for our tax dollars end?”

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