One Wisconsin Now Statements Regarding Gov. Scott Walker’s Address to the Republican National Convention

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross made the following statements regarding Gov. Scott Walker’s address to the Republican National Convention tonight:

“With a record like Gov. Walker’s, it’s no wonder why he was the opening act for the candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Delaware tonight.

His divide and conquer approach to passing his agenda has left Wisconsin bitterly divided along partisan lines as never before.

His win at all costs mentality created an environment that resulted in felony charges against close aides and associates for illegal campaigning and the creation of a legal defense fund to pay for his team of criminal defense lawyers in the ongoing investigation.

His slavish devotion to the corporate special interests that bought his election resulted in the largest cuts to public education in Wisconsin history and more debt for our university and technical college students while they got billions in tax giveaways.

He’s willing to leave those with pre-existing medical conditions to the mercy of insurance companies based on his blind allegiance to extreme right-wing political dogma.

And his trickle down economic policies have cost Wisconsin 27,000 jobs since he took office and put us among the worst states in the nation for jobs in 2011.

If that’s the Republican model of success, I don’t even want to think about what constitutes failure.”

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