One Wisconsin Now Statements Regarding Paul Ryan’s Response to President Obama

Ryan's Selective Memory, Willingness to Repeated Failed Conservative Policies Troubling

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now released the following statements in advance of tonight’s Presidential State of the Union address and the planned response from U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

“I hope that Paul Ryan explains to us why we should trust him and his conservative allies with our finances after they nearly bankrupted the nation with reckless tax cuts for the rich and deregulation schemes to reward companies which put America’s working families last. Paul Ryan himself voted for eight straight Republican budgets that increased spending by a staggering 50 percent. Let’s not forget the so-called fiscal conservatives, like Ryan, who put trillions of dollars in war spending and the unfunded $8 trillion Medicare Part D boondoggle on the checkbooks of our children. Paul Ryan’s ‘Road Map’ would hand our government over to big business and Wall Street speculators, and silence the voices of working families. America needs jobs, not Paul Ryan’s budget-busting, recycled corporate special interest wish list.”

Paul Ryan’s eight consecutive budget votes hiking the federal budget by 50 percent:

FY 2000, H CON RES 68, 3/25/99,
FY 2001, H CON RES 290, 3/24/00,
FY 2002, H CON RES 83, 3/28/01,
FY 2003, HCON RES 353, 3/20/02,
FY 2004, H CON RES 95, 3/21/03,
FY 2005, H CON RES 393, 3/25/04,
FY 2006, H CON RES 95, 3/17/05,
FY 2007, H CON RES 376, 5/18/06

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