One Wisconsin Now Supporters to ‘Take to the Air’ with Message to Gov. Walker at Badgers’ Football Game

Enjoy Higher Tuition <3 Scott Walker' Banner to Fly Over Camp Randall Before Saturday's Homecoming Contest

MADISON, Wis. — Fans on hand to cheer the University of Wisconsin Badgers’ football game Saturday will see a message about Gov. Scott Walker’s attacks on higher education courtesy of One Wisconsin Now’s supporters from across the state. For the second home game in a row, One Wisconsin Now will fly a plane in the hours prior to the game — this game’s message: “Enjoy Higher Tuition <3 Scott Walker.”

“Gov. Scott Walker slashed $330 million from higher education to finance $2.3 billion in new tax breaks for corporations and the rich,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “Gov. Walker has failed our students and his cuts will result in higher tuition, more long-term debt and less access to higher education for our students.”

The Walker biennial budget slashed $250 million from the University of Wisconsin and $70 million from the technical college system. This includes a total tuition hike of more than $100 million for UW students over the next two years. The technical college cut tops 30 percent. [Legislative Fiscal Bureau, 6/13/11]

In the past nine months, Walker and the Republicans have also gutted public education by $1.6 billion, are set to cut 53,000 Wisconsinites from access to health care, and actually raised taxes on seniors and working families by $70 million. All the while, taking away the rights of 175,000 Wisconsin workers.

Walker’s moves have come as Wisconsin’s unemployment rate has risen from 7.4 percent to 7.9 percent since he took office and the state has lost 14,000 jobs.

“Gov. Scott Walker has used our treasury to enrich corporations and the wealthy, cost us jobs and divided Wisconsin as never before,” said Ross. “Our students, our families and our workers are paying the price so that Gov. Walker can get even more campaign cash from the Koch Brothers, Wall Street and corporate special interests which depress wages and ship jobs overseas.”

One Wisconsin Now’s online community supported a banner during the Badgers’ big football victory against Nebraska. The message on that banner, “ <3 One WI Now.”

More information about Walker’s failure can be found at

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