One Wisconsin Now to Highlight ‘20 Years of Walker Failure’

Lifelong Politician's Record to Be Examined for 20 Days Leading to June 29 Anniversary of Walker's First Election

MADISON, Wis. — Beginning June 10, One Wisconsin Now will commemorate over 20 days, the failings, scandals and imbroglios of Gov. Scott Walker’s 20-years in elected office. Gov. Walker, who was first elected to the State Assembly on June 29, 1993, has spent virtually no time in the private sector and has enjoyed nearly half his life on the taxpayers’ dime, including receiving well over $1 million in salary alone, as well as health care benefits for he and his family.

“As Gov. Scott Walker crisscrosses the nation instead of doing his job in preparation for a run for the 2016 presidential race, the taxpayers of Wisconsin are reflecting on what they’ve gotten for the 20 years they’ve footed the bill for Scott Walker,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “Beginning June 10, One Wisconsin Now will examine Gov. Walker’s long record of failure issue by issue in the 20 days leading up to the 20-year anniversary of his first election to office using our copious amounts of research on the subject of his failure.”

In addition to a steady stream of media releases from June 10 through June 29, “Walker at 20” will be highlighted on daily basis from on One Wisconsin Now’s Facebook page and via its twitter feed with the hashtag #Walkerat20.

“Our research will show what many in Wisconsin already know: when it comes to jobs, education, tax fairness, health care and our rights, over and over again, Scott Walker has failed Wisconsin,” said Ross. “And no anniversary like this would be complete without a cake befitting 20 years of failure, which the public can enjoy with One Wisconsin Now on Saturday, June 29.”

Scott Walker was a mere 25-years-old when he made his second run for political office in 1993, having moved to a Republican Assembly district after being soundly defeated for State Assembly at 22 against future U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore. Walker’s second run for office came after the upwardly-mobile then-political veteran claims to have voluntarily left Marquette University without a degree to pursue a part-time job at an apolitical non-profit organization.

Previous information compiled by One Wisconsin Now about Scott Walker’s failure as Milwaukee County Executive is available at, his first disastrous year as Governor is available at and the millionaires and billionaires behind it all at

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