One Wisconsin Now Will Ask DPW Convention Goers to Sign ‘Responsible Budget’ Petition

Will DPW Take Stand Against Deficit-Exploding and Unpaid Tax Cuts for Rich, Big Business?

MADISON, Wis. — Attendees at this weekend’s Democratic Party of Wisconsin convention will be given the chance to sign a One Wisconsin Now petition, in which participants can offer their support either for responsible budgeting that focuses on the state’s critical priorities, or give their support to exploding the deficit with unpaid tax cuts that benefit the rich and big business. Republican Party of Wisconsin officials had One Wisconsin Now staff ejected from the sidewalk outside of last month’s state convention as they tried to get signers at its event in Milwaukee.

“The Republican Party of Wisconsin refused to let its members weigh in on our responsible budget petition at their convention last month, so we’ll see if the Democratic Party’s convention-goers are more receptive,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “Hopefully, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin will allow their members to participate.”

Both Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann have called for a series of tax cuts which would overwhelmingly benefit big business and the wealthiest Wisconsinites. The tax cut packages could top $1 billion in the next budget.

Neither, has however, detailed exactly how he would pay for these tax cuts. With Wisconsin facing a $2-billion deficit, these additional $1 billion in cuts would require them to drastically slash education, health care and police and fire protection. [Source: Legislative Fiscal Bureau, 2/23/09, 7/8/09]

The choices being offered for convention-goers to sign include:

I say ‘No’ to the irresponsible tax cut plan that would cut income taxes only for those in the top one percent of income earners and for reopening the Las Vegas Loophole that allows big businesses and banks to avoid their responsibilities to the taxpayers of Wisconsin. I will not support these tax cuts until I am told in detail how they will be paid for in the next budget.


I say ‘Yes’ to the irresponsible tax cut plan that is not paid for and would require cuts to education, slash health care for children and expectant mothers, pull police officers and fire fighters off the streets and ultimately cause property taxes to skyrocket.

“Scott Walker and Mark Neumann have both offered tax cuts for the rich and big business and refuse to explain how they will pay for them,” said Ross. “Fair taxation and responsible budgeting are critical issues and we look forward to seeing where both elected officials and rank and file Democratic Party of Wisconsin members fall on these issues.”

One Wisconsin Now has repeatedly called for Walker and Neumann to detail a payment plan for these tax cuts gimmicks, including the recently-released “Break the Silence” video, available at

One Wisconsin Now will release the results of its petition drive over the DPW convention weekend.

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