One Wisconsin Now’s ‘’ Plane to Greet Governor at UW-Nebraska Game

After Gutting Public Education, UW, Tech Colleges by $2 Billion, Walker's Appearance at Game 'Shameful'

MADISON, Wis. — Gov. Scott Walker, who gutted funds for public education, the University of Wisconsin and the technical college system by nearly $2 billion, will be greeted by a plane with a special message from One Wisconsin Now as he attends Saturday’s Badgers vs. Nebraska football game. The message: “ _ One WI Now.”

“Gov. Walker has attacked education in Wisconsin like no other elected official in our state’s history,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “The people of Wisconsin are under assault from Gov. Walker’s handover of our government to corporate special interests and he must be stopped.”

One Wisconsin Now recently launched “,” a website that shows the widespread support for recalling Gov. Walker. It includes a sign-up page and the 12 top reasons why Gov. Walker must be recalled in 2012. Among the reasons include:

  • Stripping the rights of 175,000 Wisconsin workers

  • Slashing public education by $1.6 billion
  • Devastating cuts to health care programs
  • Raising taxes on seniors and the working poor by $70 million while doling out $2.3 billion in new tax breaks for corporations and the rich.
  • Racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer-funded legal fees to politically-connected law firms.

“Any one of these warrants Gov. Walker’s recall, but combined they are a clear and present danger to the economic safety of Wisconsin’s middle class,” said Ross. “Wisconsin has already lost 14,000 jobs and our unemployment rate has risen to 7.8 percent under Gov. Walker’s failed leadership.”

One Wisconsin Now’s plane will fly over Camp Randall from 3:00 to 5:00p.m. on Saturday, a visual of the planned message is available at:

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