One Wisconsin Now’s WISTAX Watch Site Tracks Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance Conservative Bias

Comprehensive Online Warehouse Connects Board Members, Contributions, Research and the Conservative Agenda

MADISON, Wis. — One Wisconsin Now has launched, a comprehensive website providing historical information, board donations, affiliations and extensive analysis of the conservative agenda of the allegedly non-ideological Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance.

Modeled after One Wisconsin Now’s successful site, the goal of is to provide the media and public with information about the conservative, pro-corporate agenda of the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance, as well as debunk its alleged independence and lastly, expand the debate on budgeting and taxation issues in Wisconsin.

“For too long, the tax debate in this state has been driven by research from the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance under the guise of its ‘independence,’” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now. “WISTAX Watch shows the organizations’ invaluable contribution and interconnectivity to the conservative message machine in Wisconsin that seeks tax loopholes and breaks for corporations and the wealthy and less public investment.”

Located at, the new site includes comprehensive analysis and research about WISTAX, including:

  • Historical information about the organization’s anti-tax roots and its influence over the years.
  • Biographical information about the present and past board of directors, their conservative and corporate affiliations and their near $1.4 million in political giving – over 92 percent to Republicans and conservatives.
  • Detailed analysis and annotations showing the conservative bias in WISTAX research in the areas of public education, corporate taxes and individual taxes and fees.
  • Comprehensive reports detailing WISTAX individuals’ connections with the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and the Republican Party, among others.
  • Interactive quiz readers can take, called “WISTAX or GOPMadison ”
  • Primer for analyzing WISTAX reports for conservative bias.
  • Comprehensive reader tool kit that includes an interactive blog, news feed, twitter and social networking.

“When it comes to taxation and budgeting, you are almost exclusively going to get the conservative argument from the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance,” said Ross. “Seeing just how intertwined the board members of the WISTAX have been over the last two decades with the WMC, the GOP

Madison and other conservative enterprises should erase the notion once and for all that WISTAX is ideologically independent.”

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