Oregon voters overwhelmingly support tax hike on rich, corporations

The failed conservative economic policies of giving endless tax breaks to corporations and the rich finally got a full-throated repudiation last night as voters in Oregon passed a tax increase on the wealthy and corporations to fill that states gaping budget hole.

Voters sick and tired of watching corporations get rich while state services and funding for public education are cut endlessly finally stood up and said ENOUGH! Despite the typical crying and scare-tactics from corporate interests that somehow paying their fair share will kill jobs, Oregonians knew better. Many corporations in Oregon have skirted taxes for years, often paying the minimum tax allowed by Oregon law, ten bucks. Ten dollars ” yeah cause thats paying a fair share for the state services that corporations so willingly use.

Thankfully, leaders in Wisconsin have already started to implement many measures aimed at restoring fairness to Wisconsins tax structure. Combined reporting for multi-state corporations and first-time in 40 years tax increase on the top percent of wage earners in Wisconsin were implemented last year.

The message from Oregon is clear: people are tired of corporations and the wealthy getting a free ride while the rest of us suffer. The disastrous policies of conservatives like Scott Walker and George Bush dont work and were sick of handing our money over to the same corporations and banksters that ruined our economy in the first place.

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