Oshkosh families: Raise taxes and protect our kids’ futures

From the Oshkosh Northwestern:

“A crowd of about 150 parents, teachers and concerned Oshkosh residents packed into a commons room at West High School Tuesday night for a public forum on upcoming spending cuts as high as $5 million. About 30 people spoke out against budget cuts that would close schools and layoff teachers.”The article speaks enormous volumes toward the value Wisconsin families place on public education and their commitment to investing in that education. Below are a few thoughts from parents and concerned citizens quoted in the story:

“I think we need to speak up because I think (the school board) may not realize how much support there is for paying more for education.”

“We’€™ve been fighting to get the waste out of our schools for what, 10-15 years? There ain’€™t no more waste, folks.”

“I don’€™t know about your stocks or your IRAs, but everything is down right now. If I’€™m going to invest in anything, I’€™m going to invest in our children.”

Moral of the story: We needn’t rely on the questionable analysis and bias commentary on school spending from the conservative Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance to tell us how to feel about public education. Parents, residents, and students in Wisconsin understand and greatly value the education their communities and this state provides. And, as this article illustrates, they have no problem saying so.

[Oshkosh Northwestern]

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