Out-of-state Republican Group Claims ‘File Footage’ Actor is WI Teacher in Hansen Attack

The Republican State Leadership Committee is back at it again in Wisconsin. RSLC is a Karl Rove-assisted, Washington DC-area corporate front group, which has spent over $60 million since 2002 to elect Republicans.

It attacked Democratic state legislators here during 2010, in one instance using a race-baiting mailer where a white woman has her mouth covered ominously by the hand of a person of color in an apparent effort to infer crime run amok.

Well, now they are attacking Sen. Dave Hansen with a television ad that says the following:

She comes in early. She stays late. She’s the best teacher in her school and if Dave Hansen has his way she has every reason to leave Wisconsin. Our government employee contract laws tie her salary to what we pay the worst teachers. It’s not fair to teachers. And it’s not fair to our kids. We can solve the problem, but Dave Hansen’s playing partisan politics instead. Call Senator Hansen. Tell him to stop playing partisan political games.

So this Wisconsin teacher in a Wisconsin classroom is going to leave Wisconsin.

Trouble is if you watch the video, you can plainly see during the first four seconds “FILE FOOTAGE” in the bottom left corner.

A completely bogus claim in an issue ad. You can’t claim this Wisconsin teacher is leaving Wisconsin because of Dave Hansen, if she ain’t a teacher and she ain’t in a Wisconsin classroom.

Also, few additional notes about RSLC:

One Wisconsin Now revealed though an incompletely-fulfilled open records request that back in April 2010, the top deputy to Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen sought direction from the partisan RSLC campaign committee leading up to the Wisconsin Department of Justice attempt to file a partisan lawsuit against the federal health reform act.

The emails One Wisconsin Now obtained indicate then-Deputy Attorney General Ray Taffora had contacted RSLC Political Director Ben Cannatti looking for lawsuit information. Van Hollen’s office refused to release the full scope of emails, citing attorney-client privilege – an amazing claim between the state taxpayer-financed office and the RSLC, a partisan political outfit that gave Van Hollen a $10,000 contribution for his 2010 re-election effort.

Among the largest contributors to the RSLC is the American Justice Partnership, created by the National Association of Manufacturers. The American Justice Partnership has donated $2 million to RSLC since 2006 and its website features advertisements run by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce against Kathleen Falk in 2006, Van Hollen’s opponent. WMC spent an estimated $2.5 million in Van Hollen’s razor-thin victory.


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