Over 1,600 Petitions Delivered to Legislature Supporting Wisconsin Voter Protection Act

Constituents in All 132 Legislative Districts Represented

MADISON, Wis. — Citizens from every corner of Wisconsin spoke loud and clear in favor of the Wisconsin Voter Protection Act before a Joint Committee today, sending over 1,600 petitions circulated by progressive organizations including One Wisconsin Now and representing all 132 Senate and Assembly districts.

“The people of Wisconsin have spoken unmistakably. They support these critical improvements to our election system,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “The Wisconsin Voter Protection Act is a common sense solution to improving our democracy and ensuring our elections are fair and clean.”

Among the important items in the Wisconsin Voter Protection Act:

  • The Wisconsin Voter Protection Act increases access to the polls and improves the voting experience at the polls by reducing lines and easing the burden on polling staff.
  • The Wisconsin Voter Protection Act ensures veterans and their families, who often face unique voting challenges, have an equal chance to participate in the democracy they fight to defend.
  • The Wisconsin Voter Protection Act modernizes voter registration and reduces paperwork, saving local governments valuable resources and limiting opportunities for fraud.
  • The Wisconsin Voter Protection Act addresses unconscionable acts of voter intimidation and voter suppression by providing protections to discourage reckless anti-democratic tactics.

The Wisconsin Voter Protection Act is essential to improving Wisconsin’s electoral process and non-partisan groups from across Wisconsin have endorsed the legislation and its reasoned approach.

“The choice is between safeguarding our democracy and providing access to the polls for all eligible voters, or simply accepting the status quo,” said Ross. “People in every corner of Wisconsin are choosing progress and protecting our freedoms through the Wisconsin Voter Protection Act.”

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