Over 16,000 Sign Petition to Senate, Assembly Opposing Governor’s Takeaway of Workers’ Rights

Unprecedented, Indefinite Mobilization Continues at State Capitol, Cities Across Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. — Members of the Wisconsin State Assembly and Senate will be flooded with over 16,000 petitions signed by Wisconsinites united against Gov. Scott Walker’s efforts to use the government to take away the rights of workers across Wisconsin.

“The people of Wisconsin are united in support of the public employees of Wisconsin,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “Over 16,000 petitions opposing this bill will be delivered to the State Senate and over 16,000 petitions opposing this bill will be delivered to the State Assembly.”

Day Four of the indefinite mobilization against Gov. Walker’s bill continues, as hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites join in opposition to this bill. Gov. Walker’s scheme strips away collective bargaining rights so Gov. Walker can personally dictate winners and losers, gives himself the power to unilaterally cut people from BadgerCare and SeniorCare without a vote of the full legislature, seizes control of independent agencies, and adds $3 million worth of new political cronies.

Despite claims of financial crisis, Gov. Walker has passed over $140 million in new spending in the past month, for a series of proposals that will not create new jobs in the state of Wisconsin.

The governor’s “scoop and toss” scheme adds at least $30 million directly to the 2011-13 budget, despite Republican promises to not add to the deficit. Walker is borrowing $165 million a month after approving $140 million in special interest spending last month.

Gov. Walker refused to even meet with public employees, despite Republican and Democratic governors’ willingness to respect the balance between workers and state and local governments for the past half century. After taking a three percent pay cut, public employees offered $100 million in concessions, Gov. Walker responded by refusing to even meet with them. His actions pose a direct threat to the quality of public education in Wisconsin.

“Gov. Walker is by no means a one-man wrecking crew in this assault on our quality of life in Wisconsin,” said Ross. “The Republican-controlled legislature has walked in lockstep with Gov. Walker and they will be held accountable if they continue to pass his devastating dismantling of our state.”

One Wisconsin Now has been unable to find any evidence of Walker saying he would end collective bargaining rights for working families during his campaign.

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