Over 5,000 emails, one message — Milwaukee wants paid sick days!

Activists in the One Wisconsin Now community have sent over 5,300 email messages to the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) demanding the big business special interest group drop its lawsuit preventing paid sick days from becoming law in Milwaukee. OWN launched the action last week in advance of the court hearing today about paid sick days and the frivolous suit brought by MMAC.

70% of Milwaukee voters supported the paid sick days referendum last November, a clear mandate. And paid sick days are good for business. Workers without adequate paid sick days often come to work when they are sick out of fear over losing their job. In the process, they spread the sickness through the workplace, making their co-workers sick, extending their own illness, and lowering their productivity. In fact, a study by the Institute for Women’€™s Policy Research showed local employers would save as much as $17 million annually in increased productivity when paid sick days become law.

If you’€™d like to compose your own message to the Board of Directors of MMAC you can do so by visiting:


Stay tuned for an update on the court hearing later this week.

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