OWN Joke: What’s the Difference Between Rebecca Kleefisch and Sarah Palin?

A: One has government health care and the other one had guts enough to debate her Democratic opponent.

From WISC-TV Friday, answering the reporter’s question about the hypocrisy of her criticizing “government-run” health care when she has health care provided for by taxpayers from her husband’s plan as a state legislator:

“I have private insurance that is paid partially by my husband’s employer. Very, very different from government run health care.”

It’s such a sleazy and cheap answer. “My husband’s employer.”

The reason state legislators can get such a good health care plan is because of the buying power of collective enrollment. This is why single payer would save so much money and why the federal health reform act will save money because people will get the care they need, at the right time at a reasonable cost.

Keep in mind, she and Scott Walker want to cut 400,000 members of working families from BadgerCare to pay for tax cuts for the top one percent of income earners and to reopen the “Las Vegas Loophole” for banks and big business.

When is a reporter going to ask Kleefisch what the working mom who loses her health care because of these cuts going to do when she feels sick with might eventually turn out to be colon cancer?

Health care is a right. Kleefisch could not be more wrong.

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