Party Line Dan Feyen

State Senate Candidate Just Fine Supporting Tax Breaks for Wealthy and Corporations, Cutting Public Education, Opposing Student Loan Refinancing and Standing By Presidential Nominee Who Brags of Assaulting Women

MADISON, Wis. — Candidate for State Senate Dan Feyen is touting the importance of a “game plan” in his television advertising. But according to One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross, based on a review of his statements in forums and in media interviews, Feyen’s play call is toeing the Republican party line on issues like taxes, education and women’s health.

“From issues like tax giveaways to the wealthy and cuts to public education to failing to address the student loan debt crisis and standing silently by as the GOP presidential nominee brags of his reprehensible actions towards women it’s ‘Party Line Dan Feyen’ all the way,” commented Ross.

Among the most egregious cases of Feyen sticking to the Republican party line are:

  • Endorsing a change to state tax law that results in $160 million in breaks going to just over 1,200 Wisconsinites with incomes over $1 million, an average windfall of $120,000 per person. The total cost of the giveaway could exceed $280 million in 2017, according to reports.
  • Declaring public schools have enough money, despite record cuts to K-12 public schools enacted by state Republicans that have hurt local schools, and voicing support for the unaccountable private school voucher program that siphons taxpayer funds away from public schools.
  • Refusing to support allowing hard working Wisconsin student loan borrowers to refinance their loans, just like you can with a mortgage, despite nearly one million borrowers with $19 billion in student loan debt. He’s also remained unconcerned about the $250 million in recent Republican cuts to the University of Wisconsin.
  • Standing by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, after taped conversations were made public of him bragging he could and did kiss and grope women without consequence. Such acts would be considered criminal sexual assault under Wisconsin state law.

Ross concluded, “Feyen has time and again put toeing the Republican party line before taking a stand for the middle class families. Selling out to party bosses and the special interests might pay off for his campaign account but it’s a bad call for everyone else.”

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