Paul Ryan: Save the Real Victims — Health Insurance Companies

On today’s CNBC “Corporate-Funded-Politicians-Share-Corporate-Talking-Points” Squawk Box Show, Rep. Paul Ryan unsurprisingly showed up to try and convince the 72 percent of Americans who want health care not controlled by Ryan’s pals in big insurance that they are wrong. Oh, and that the status quo is just ducky.


When asked about the public plan option supported by President Obama, Ryan showed his hand: The goal of Republicans (and Democratic industry shills, too) when it comes to health care is to keep health insurance companies which bankroll campaigns in control and making the decisions.

“It’s impossible to have a level playing field with a public plan,” Ryan sneered, adding some ridiculous analogy comparing the itty bitty inshuwance compuhnees to his daughter selling lemonade, trying to compete the big massive government, who in this analogy, is McDonald’s.

Give me a half a break.

The health insurance is the most powerful lobby in the country.

The rest of industrialized world enjoys government-provided health care.

So what, says Paul Ryan and his cronies and his big health bosses.

The overwhelming majority of Americans want health care reform so that health care is available, so that health care is affordable and that health care is there when you need it.

So what, says Paul Ryan and his cronies and his big health bosses.

Human beings in our great nation don’€™t want children and the elderly to die because they don’€™t have basic preventative health care.

So what, says Paul Ryan and his cronies and his big health bosses.

Cancer patients shouldn’€™t be dumped from the insurance rolls by insurance companies.

So what, says Paul Ryan and his cronies and his big health bosses.

Think about how much money states and businesses would save if we had single-payer health care, provided by the federal government. America would no longer have to compete with the world on any manufacturing front. We’d own the markets.

Despite this, short-sighted business leaders and deportation-worthy elected officials deny us this because the health insurance industry (and their pals in the pharmaceutical industry) have bought and paid for this protection.

Seventy-two percent of Americans want a public option for health care reform, but this eerie chill has begun to settle on the debate, as industry pimps like Democratic Sen. Max Baucus try to spread the nation’s collective legs to accommodate big health.

The public option on health care is already there for Ryan and his family. The Congressional health care plan is the best in the nation. And the taxpayers finance it. Again, if we pay for health care for Ryan and his brood, it’s business as usual. If he pays for us, it’s socialism.

The last thing the world told us we were wrong on was Iraq. Are we going to shut our ears on this one, or are we going to continue to allow Paul Ryan and his cronies to declare their own war on our access to affordable health care? And human dignity?

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget, if Paul Ryan cared about the finances of the nation, why did he vote for six straight Bush budgets that grew federal spending to $3 trillion annually?

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