Paul Ryan’s Budget Record: Eight Straight Votes, $1 Trillion Budget Hike

Neo-Budget Hawk's Rhetoric Flies in Face of GOP Rubber Stamp Record

MADISON, Wis. — U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Janesville) has tried to sell himself as a neo-budget hawk, but this directly contradicts the eight consecutive federal budgets he voted for which increased federal spending by $1 trillion annually, according to One Wisconsin Now.

“Paul Ryan needs to be honest with the people of Wisconsin and admit his eight-year economic plan was a historic failure,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “Paul Ryan voted for eight consecutive Republican budgets that led to this economic disaster. He failed us completely, so why would we listen to him now?”

In 1999, the federal budget was $1.7 trillion. Ryan, the current ranking member of the House Budget committee who has repeatedly criticized President Obama’s stimulus jobs investment plan, cast eight straight budget votes that increased the federal budget to almost $2.8 trillion annually by 2007 [Cato Institute, “Total Federal Spending” Chart]. Ryan’s profligate budget spending has nearly bankrupted America requiring the need for a massive reinvestment in infrastructure and domestic job creation.

The roll calls showing Ryan’s votes in favor of the first eight budgets the five-term lawmaker voted for include:

FY 2000, H CON RES 68, 3/25/99; FY 2001, H CON RES 290, 3/24/00; FY 2002, H CON RES 83, 3/28/01; FY 2003, H CON RES 353, 3/20/02; FY 2004, H CON RES 95, 3/21/03; FY 2005; H CON RES 393, 3/25/04; FY 2006, H CON RES 95, 3/17/05; FY 2007, H CON RES 376, 5/18/06

In addition, Ryan provided the deciding vote to pass the disastrous $8 trillion unfunded Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, which then-U.S. Comptroller David Walker called, “the most fiscally irresponsible piece of legislation” in 40 years.

“Paul Ryan was a rubber stamp for George W. Bush and Tom Delay for eight long years,” said Ross. “His credibility with the media and the public should be based on his record – and that gives him no credibility.”

The roll call on Ryan’s vote in favor of the Medicare plan, 2003 HR1, which was held open for three hours and passed at 2:30 in the morning, is available at:

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