Paul Ryan’s Special Interest Contribution Math

Turns out Paul Ryan doesn’t want us to know almost four out of every 10 dollars he raised this finance period came from special interest PACs.

Yep. Ryan tossed out a release claiming “Wisconsin residents account for 95 percent of Ryan’€™s individual contributions over the course of the past year.”


You will be shocked, but the guy who voted for eight straight budgets totaling $20 trillion in spending, but says he’s for fiscal conservatism isn’t telling even close to the whole story on his finance report.

Ryan has raised $374,884 dollars in the latest finance period. $227,911 is from individuals, but lo and behold, $146,905 is from special interest political action committees. Meaning over 39 percent of Ryan’s money is from PACs.

Now you may be saying, “Yeah, but he said all year. You’re not counting the whole year.”

Well, according to his report, Ryan has raised a total of $576,288 this cycle. And $336,899 is from individuals and $239,320 is from special interest PACs — which means for the year his PAC pull is 42 percent of his total take.

Ryan’s release added: ‘€œThe voters of Wisconsin are demanding alternatives to the path we are on as a country. Their donations are a clear indication that they support the solutions I am offering and that they want me to have the means to promote the work I am doing for them.’€

And of the 42 percent in donations from special interest PACs? What are they a clear indication of?

Should you wish to review the 30 pages of PAC contributions from such “Wisconsin individuals” as Pfizer, Humana, ConocoPhilips and Sallie Mae not mentioned in Ryan’s press release, you can see them here:

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