Peace demonstration to greet Obama in Madison

From Madison Area Peace Coalition:

Peace Demonstration for Obama’s Visit to Madison
Wednesday, November 4th

President Obama is coming to Madison this week, and peace activists will assemble to call for an end to war and for shifting government spending priorities from the military to education and other needs.

LOCATION:      Intersection of Fish Hatchery Road and Wingra Drive
TIME:                  10 AM – 12 Noon Wednesday, November 4th

President Obama will be speaking at Wright Middle School in Madison on educational policy on November 4th.  Our message will be that funding schools must take a higher priority over funding wars.  After nine months in office, President Obama has continued to stall on his most critical promises, such as:  full withdrawal of US troops from Iraq; health care for all Americans; and restoring civil liberties by repealing the US PATRIOT Act. 

 Obama never promised to withdraw from Afghanistan, but we know it is necessary.  Earlier in 2009, President Obama escalated the war in Afghanistan by sending in 20,000 more troops and is now considering sending up to 40,000 more.  This is a key moment to influence the Administration’s decision on escalating the war in Afghanistan, as well as the many other pressing issues of U.S. military involvements around the world.

Continuing to direct over half our federal discretionary funding toward defense (and only a tiny fraction toward education) is not just.  We need to prioritize education, health care, and other human needs, and re-think our military-oriented foreign policy.

Large-sized banners and signs are encouraged for visibility at a distance.  Please bring one if you can.  Messages that are especially encouraged include:

“Books not Bombs”
“Education not Occupation”
“Bring the Troops Home Now”
“U.S. Out of Afghanistan”
“Real Change is an End to War”
“Healthcare Not Warfare”

Organizers of this event include representatives from Iraq Veterans Against the War, Veterans for Peace, Democrats for Peace, Madison Area Peace Coalition, the Madison Rafah Sister City organization, WNPJ, and the Wisconsin Impeachment / Bring Our Troops Home Coalition.

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Please join us Wednesday morning. Barbara Smith ‘€“

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