Pedro Coln Sweeping Away the Cynics and Naysayers

What can bring together the Milwaukee mayor, the DA, and virtually the entire City legislative caucus in a divisive election season?

Pedro Cola³n running for City Attorney. Reads the Shepard-Express endorsement:

(Mu)ltiple conversations with Colon, and really listening to his plans for the office, have won us over. We enthusiastically support state Rep. Pedro Colon for city attorney on April 1. We also understand why District Attorney John Chisholm strongly supports Colon. …

Colon’€™s ideas would take the city attorney’€™s office into the 21st century by working with other levels of government, especially on reducing crime and nuisance properties; training police officers to respect the rights of citizens while making arrests; fighting to fix the school choice funding flaw, which currently penalizes city taxpayers; finding fair solutions for residents who have had their driver’€™s licenses taken away; and personally advocating for the city when important lawsuits arise.

Unity and action are playing well this election season, though a small number of naysayers still insist the key to better public policy resides in sitting on their duffs.

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