Persecuting the innocent in the name of reform

“Money is the mother’s milk of politics,” Jesse Unruh once said when he was speaker of the California state Assembly in the 1960s.

There may be a little rumble in Big Daddy Unruh’s grave, but it seems unlikely he reads the Journal Sentinel, even online.

If he did, he’d find that good government groups are not only trying to wean the baby, but seem to be trying to starve it to death.

In their zeal to clean up politics, the goo-goos are ready to tar and feather a legislator for paying his campaign phone bill out of his own pocket, and reporting it on his campaign finance report — because it was while the Assembly was working on the budget..

Meanwhile, Paul Ryan amasses a huge warchest but gets no scrutiny because he is following the rules.

Read it and weep.

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