Phone Records Prove Gableman Claim False

Last week One Wisconsin Now released documents regarding the very suspicious appointment of Michael Gableman to the Burnett County bench. In response, the Gableman campaign told the Wisconsin State Journal that Gableman was ‘€œunaware of the selection process’€ when McCallum chose him. OWN has now released documents which prove that Gableman campaign statement false.

OWN has obtained Gableman phone records during his short time as an administrative law judge. Those phone records show that Gableman called James Troupis, McCallum’€™s Judicial Selection Committee Chair, one month before McCallum announced his selection of Gableman. Only days later, Gableman faxed his resume to McCallum’€™s Director of Appointments. In addition, Gableman actually served on another of McCallum’€™s Judicial Selection Commissions and told the press at the time of his appointment that he found out about the Burnett County opening while serving on that very commission [Inter-County Leader 8/21/02].

Given these facts, are we really supposed to believe that Gableman was ‘€œunaware’€ of the selection process? The Gableman campaign’€™s reckless disregard for the truth makes you wonder what they have to hide.

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