Play-by-play: Walker playing politics with job creation

Try to follow along as Scott Walker, Fred Luber (MacIver Institute Chair, Super Steel Chair, and Scott Walker Campaign Finance Co-Chair), and right-wing leaders play politics with job creation. Let’€™s watch.

Right off the bat we see a little hypocrisy as the CEO of Fred Luber’€™s Super Steel admits the company ‘€œwould benefit from a stimulus package’€ while Luber’€™s free market mouthpiece the MacIver Institute launches a project devoted to discrediting the Recovery Act and job creation.

(Feb. 20, 2009) Super Steel ‘€œwould benefit from a stimulus package’€

Milwaukee-based Super Steel Products Corp., which manufactures rail cars and other rail industry products, would benefit from a stimulus package, but its effects would take two to three years to take hold, said Jim Schmelzer, president and CEO.

(Aug. 10, 2009) MacIver Institute launches Stimulus Watch

 However, what is certain is that job creation is not a priority when it comes to doling out ARRA funds. Brett Healy, MacIver Institute.

OK, now watch as Fred Luber contributes $2,500 to Scott Walker’€™s campaign after Walker openly refuses to accept Recovery Act funds Luber’€™s company ‘€œwould benefit’€ from. Meanwhile, Tom Barrett pushes for Talgo production at Super Steel.

(Feb. 28, 2009) Scott Walker refuses stimulus for Milwaukee

Recently, a firestorm ignited in Wisconsin when I, as Milwaukee County executive, refused to submit a wish list to Gov. Jim Doyle for items in the federal ‘€˜stimulus’€™ package.

(Jul. 31, 2009) Tom Barrett pushes for Talgo production at Super Steel

Talgo has announced plans to build the trains at a Wisconsin plant, creating about 80 manufacturing jobs, possibly in Milwaukee or Janesville. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has said he would push hard to win the plant, and state Rep. Jon Richards (D-Milwaukee) and a dozen other Milwaukee-area lawmakers this week urged Talgo to use the Super Steel plant in Milwaukee.

(Sep. 03, 2009) Fred Luber contributes $2500 to Scott Walker

Ok, so Super Steel doesn’€™t get the contract and then the company files for receivership. But the company says Talgo’€™s decision not to do business at Super Steel ‘€œwould not have reversed the economic impact facing Super Steel’€ though it ‘€œremains in business’€ and ‘€œsubstantially all jobs remain in place.’€ Watch now as all this doesn’€™t stop the GOP from saying Talgo’€™s decision put Super Steel on the ‘€œprecipice of bankruptcy.’€

(Mar. 02, 2010) Super Steel files for receivership after losing out

But the company remains in business, ‘€˜substantially all jobs’€™ remain in place.

(Mar. 11, 2010) Winning bid would not have reversed the economic impact of the times

When Super Steel’s receivership filing was announced, company spokesman Evan Zeppos said that if the company had received the Talgo contract it, ‘would not have reversed the economic impact we’€™ve been facing at Super Steel.’

(Mar. 09, 2010) Joint Finance Committee GOP request hearing, citing Super Steel

The Republicans say that the contract has put Milwaukee’s Super Steel Products ‘€˜on the precipice of bankruptcy’€™ and could result in 250 job losses.

And just today we’€™re seeing more hypocrisy as Walker, Brett Davis, and the RPW argue the process by which Super Steel did not benefit is unfair, despite the fact, as we pointed out, Walker voted for the process during his time in the Assembly. Anna has more on that.

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