Power Mad GOP Legislators Latest Scheme Turns Judicial System Upside Down

When Legislators Try to Strip Us of Our Constitutional Rights, They Must Be Stopped. Immediately.'

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross released the following statements regarding a legislative scheme to undermine the authority of courts to stop enforcement of unconstitutional laws proposed by Republican State Representatives Craig and Ott and Senators Grothman and Vukmir:

“The provisions of the Wisconsin State Constitution are not inconveniences that can be suspended at the whim of power mad legislators. They guarantee our sacred rights as citizens.

“When legislators try to strip us of our constitutional rights, they must be stopped. Immediately.

“Under their scheme, our justice system would be turned on its head to satisfy their seemingly insatiable quest for political power. While they flout the Constitution, people’s rights would be denied.

“These legislators swore an oath to uphold the constitution, but instead they are trying to manipulate the law to justify their power grabs that would strip Wisconsinites of their rights in the workplace and at the ballot box.”

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