PRECOURT PRIMER: McCain Co-Chair Van Hollen’s Quotes, Timeline

Attorney General's Taxpayer-Financed Political Voter Suppression Lawsuit in Court Today


  • Van Hollen Takes Helm As McCain state Campaign Co-Chair
  • “I’m honored to help lead John McCain’s Wisconsin campaign, and I’m looking forward to his victory in November.”
  • [Van Hollen Campaign Website]


  • Karl Rove Meets with Wisconsin Republican Team in Minnesota to Discuss Strategy
  • “Rove also talked politics with delegates, telling them he still believes Bush won Wisconsin in the 2000 election despite officially coming up just more than 5,000 votes short and loved how the trend lines are going for 2008.”
  • [WisPolitics]


  • Van Hollen Reiterates Confidence in McCain’s Ability to be the First Republican to Win a Presidential Race in Wisconsin Since 1984
  • “I have tremendous confidence that the Republican presidential ticket’s going to carry Wisconsin for the first time in several elections.
  • “…I think we’ll win Wisconsin and I think we’ll win the presidency.”
  • [Badger Blog Alliance]


  • Van Hollen Files Partisan Lawsuit to Disenfranchise Hundreds of Thousands of Legal Voters, Gets Immediate Praise from RPW Chair Reince Priebus
  • “Van Hollen today lived up to an important campaign promise by standing up against the GAB to combat voter fraud.
  • [RPW Press Release]

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