Brian Hagedorn Keeps Wisconsin Voters in Dark About Paid Speeches to Hate Group

In Spirit of National Sunshine Week One Wisconsin Now Renews Call Court Candidate Disclose Contents of Speeches Made While a Sitting State Judge

MADISON, Wis. — It has been three weeks since media reports, based on information uncovered by One Wisconsin Now, revealed Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn was compensated over the course of at least four years for giving speeches to a hate group. One Wisconsin Now Research Director Joanna Beilman-Dulin again called on Hagedorn to disclose the details of the speeches he gave to the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) while a sitting judge.

“Brian Hagedorn continues to keep Wisconsin voters in the dark about what he said in his speeches to a hate group,” commented Beilman-Dulin. “His continued stonewalling sure makes it seem like he has something to hide.”

Between 2015 and 2018 State Supreme Court Candidate Brian Hagedorn took over $3,000 in payments and gifts from the Alliance Defending Freedom, a group that advocates for and engages in litigation to advance an extreme, anti-LGBTQ agenda.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has deemed ADF a hate group based on their support for, “the recriminalization of homosexuality in the U.S. and criminalization abroad.” They also note the group “has defended state-sanctioned sterilization of trans people abroad; has linked homosexuality to pedophilia, claims that a “homosexual agenda” will destroy Christianity and society and works to develop “religious liberty” legislation and case law that will allow the denial of goods and services to LGBT people on the basis of religion.”

In response to an open records request from One Wisconsin Now to his judicial office for a copy of his remarks or other materials associated with his appearances Hagedorn did not deny having records of his remarks. but instead claimed they were produced and maintained outside of his state office.

Beilman-Dulin noted that it is national Sunshine Week, a commemoration of the importance of open and transparent government sponsored by the American Society of News Editors and Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

She concluded, “Sunshine Week is about openness in government. It would be fitting for Brian to stop hiding what he said in the speeches he gave to a hate group as a sitting judge.”

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