From Vienna, Robin Vos Vows to Obstruct the People’s Business

In Vacation Twitter Outburst, Assembly Speaker Promises to Keep Blocking Initiatives on Public School Funding, Student Debt Relief, Affordable Health Care, Gun Safety and More

MADISON, Wis. — While vacationing in historic Vienna, Austria, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos took time out from sightseeing to vow to oppose Gov. Tony Evers’ agenda, declaring in a tweet that he would be “… making sure Gov Evers doesn’t screw up our state by enacting any of his very liberal agenda!” One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Analiese Eicher noted that in public opinion surveys, the people of Wisconsin in fact overwhelmingly support Evers’ proposals on things like school funding, student loan debt relief, health care, gun safety and medical marijuana.

“Vos’ obstruction is not what the people of Wisconsin are asking for from their government. They support funding their public schools, relief from student loan debt, affordable health care, common sense gun safety and compassionate policy on marijuana,” commented Eicher. “Vos’ vow to obstruct what the people want is why most of those who know him have an unfavorable opinion of him, according to the latest polls.”

Vos has led Wisconsin Republican obstruction to Gov. Evers’ initiatives and:

  • Slashed a proposed funding increase for special education aid, supported by 74 percent of those surveyed;
  • Refused to pursue a plan to help state student loan borrowers refinance, just like you can with a mortgage, supported by 76 percent in a recent statewide poll;
  • Rejected federal Medicaid funds to help expand affordable health care in Wisconsin, as supported by 70 percent of those surveyed;
  • Nixed a proposal to allow medical marijuana use in Wisconsin, a policy with 83 percent approval.

According to his public statements, Vos also intends to oppose common sense gun safety laws like closing a loophole and requiring private and gun show sales of firearms be subject to background checks, supported by 80 percent of those surveyed, and a red flag law that would allow police to take guns away from people determined by a judge to be a danger to themselves or others, favored by 81 percent.

Eicher noted that Vos still has time to reconsider his unpopular obstructionist ways. After Vienna, Vos is off on a corporate funded junket to Italy and has a scheduled stop in Rhode Island before arriving back in Wisconsin in late September.

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