One Wisconsin Now Statements on Gov. Tony Evers’ Action on 2019 State Budget

MADISON, Wis. — The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Analiese Eicher on Gov. Tony Evers’ action today on the 2019 state budget:

“Gov. Evers was elected because the people of this state wanted someone focused on the issues they care about — good schools, affordable health care, student loan debt relief, clean water and safe roads. His budget plan delivered solutions across the board.

“Instead of working with Gov. Evers and Democrats, Republicans chose a different path, starting with their leaders announcing that they would not even consider key budget provisions on health care, student debt relief, clean water and more while attending a high dollar fundraiser at a Washington D.C. lobbying firms’ office.

“Public pressure, progressive allies and Gov. Evers and Democrats forced reluctant Republicans to at least concede that it’s a legitimate function of state government to invest in things like schools, health care and transportation.

“While Speaker Robin Vos may be lamenting his failure to get more tax giveaways for the wealthy, the people of Wisconsin know he could have done much more for them.

“Gov. Evers rightly used his partial veto power to strike some of the most egregious and outrageous measure Republicans tried to sneak into the budget, like a special provision that could benefit the business interest of a single state Senator.

“However, Gov. Evers could not veto away the refusal of Speaker Robin Vos, Senate Leader Scott Fitzgerald and the Republicans who vote with their party bosses to respect the will of the people of Wisconsin.

“The work to make sure the will of the people is represented in the actions of their state government does not end today, in fact it’s more urgent going forward.”

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