Schemes and Scandals of Assembly Speaker Robin Vos Exposed on New Website

‘It’s Time Everyone, Not Just the Lobbyists and the Special Interests, Meet “Boss” Robin Vos’

MADISON, Wis. — The name Robin Vos is unfamiliar to many people in the state of Wisconsin. But as the Republican Speaker of the State Assembly, Vos has sought to establish himself as the epicenter of Republican political power in Wisconsin. From directing taxpayer funds to rig legislative district lines and give himself an unfair partisan advantage to auctioning off public policy for campaign donations, Vos has shown both his ambition and his greed.

To help the people of Wisconsin better get to know the man using their money for his ends, One Wisconsin Now has unveiled a new website,

“Very few people in Wisconsin really know who Robin Vos is, and even fewer cast a vote to put him in the position of power he occupies today,” said One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Analiese Eicher. “We think everyone should have the opportunity to know a little more about the man who’s using their money to try and gain power and influence for himself.”

Eicher said the “Boss” Vos project will continue to be updated as new information is uncovered. Currently housed on the site is information about:

  • Legislation introduced by Vos over his career in the state legislature;
  • Records of all campaign contributions taken by Vos for his personal campaign account and for the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee which he controls;
  • Details on Vos’ penchant for secrecy, including using taxpayer funded attorneys to argue he doesn’t have to answer questions about his actions as a legislator and media coverage of the gag order he put on his second wife;
  • Statements of economic interest outlining his wealth and extensive real estate holdings;
  • Records showing his use of public tax dollars to subsidize his lifestyle including extensive travel and a 14 person office staff at a projected cost of over $1 million annually;
  • Vos’ close association with former Ohio House of Representatives Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, under investigation by the FBI for junkets he took along with Vos that were paid for by the payday loan industry.

She concluded, “Robin Vos is a transactional politician whose first and last thought is, how can he amass more power for himself? We’re shining a light on what he’s been up to on our dime because it’s time everyone, not just the lobbyists and the special interests, meet Robin “Boss” Vos.”

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