Profiles in Caught Ya: Kapanke (Allegedly) Finally Paying a Tiny Bit of Bill His Improper Activity Cost Taxpayers

Hardworking State Sen. Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse) bravely stood up to recent media reports that he had still not paid back taxpayers for the $38,000 tab we had coming after footing the bill for his legal woes over his use of taxpayer resources for campaign business and his obstruction of an open records request: He hastily announced he would pay a small portion of the bill.

Y’know if we can get the press to write a story about his opposition to job creation measures, maybe tomorrow he’ll do an announcement he’s going to start trying to create economic opportunity for Wisconsin.

It’s worth a shot.

As a side note: although Kapanke advocates for ridiculous tax cuts for the rich and has a baseball team, he is not like George W. Bush.

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