Progressives Push Forward Looking ‘Tomorrow Wisconsin’ Economic Agenda for Wisconsin Families While Scott Walker Gives Away Billions to Corporations, Wealthy

‘Too Many People Are Feeling the Pinch of Scott Walker’s Failed Policies and Obstruction’

OSHKOSH, Wis. — As Wisconsin families feel the pinch of stagnant wages and rising costs of things like child care and student loan debt, state progressives are rallying around a positive, forward looking economic agenda. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross noted the progressive plan offers a much different vision for Wisconsin than that of Gov. Scott Walker and his cohorts, who have stood in the way of progress and are taking billions of dollars away from priorities like schools and roads to give to the corporations and the wealthy.

“Too many people are feeling the pinch of the failed policies and obstruction of Gov. Walker and Republicans,” commented Ross. “They’re desperate for an economic agenda that speaks to their concerns and the challenges that they face in getting ahead. That’s why One Wisconsin Now is proposing the ‘Tomorrow Wisconsin’ economic agenda.”

The Tomorrow Wisconsin agenda calls for:

  • Student Loan Debt Refinancing
  • Paid Family and Medical Leave and Sick Days
  • Affordable Child Care
  • Job Security and Livable Wages
  • Access to State Pension System

Ross noted that Scott Walker’s signature economic development plan is diverting at least $4.5 billion in public funds to subsidize Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn’s proposed factory in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Walker has also racked up a record of obstructing progress including: opposing helping student loan borrowers refinance loans, just like you can with a mortgage; trying to weaken Family and Medical Leave and outlawing local ordinances on paid sick days; refusing to support measures to make child care more affordable, left Wisconsin with wages below the U.S. average; and has done nothing to allow people to participate in a state retirement system.

He concluded, “Scott Walker and his gang have failed us. They are standing in the way of progress, opposing common sense reforms, like helping borrowers refinance their student loans, while they dole out billions of dollars to corporations and the wealthy.”

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