Public Rejects Conservative Mantra on Healthcare

A new Badger Poll released Tuesday examined Wisconsinites’€™ opinions on health care reform. Once again it served as another reminder that conservatives are completely out of touch with the average person. Conservatives are perpetually complaining about government programs but 76 percent of respondents favored expanding the eligibility of programs such as BaderCare and Medicaid. Although conservatives chant their ‘€œsocialist’€ mantra whenever a proposed reform includes a government component, 61 percent of Wisconsinites said that they favored replacing the current system with one totally run by the state government.

Wisconsinites remember how conservatives ignored the healthcare crisis when they controlled the entire legislature and now they are rejecting their narrow ideologies on the subject. This new poll shows that the constant conservative talking points on healthcare are not working. The public wants substance and solutions to our healthcare crisis not blind ideology and bumper sticker slogans.

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