Q & A with AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Sara Rogers

Topic: Where America Is Headed

OWN: The economy is on everyone’€™s mind these days. What are you hearing from your members about the failed economic policies of George W. Bush and John McCain?

Sara Rogers: Our country is headed in the wrong direction. Unemployment is up, wages are down, and we’€™re sending too many good, family supporting jobs overseas. We’€™re watching our nation let the middle class down, and we’€™re deeply worried about our children’€™s futures.

OWN: What about the skyrocketing cost of health care?

SR: Health care covers too little, costs too much, excludes too many ‘€” and it’€™s not getting better fast enough for working people. Nearly 50 million Americans have no health care ‘€“ a number which has grown even higher as George W. Bush and John McCain fight against efforts to provide affordable coverage to every America

OWN: Working men and women continue to suffer under the anti-labor policies of Bush and McCain. What can we do about this?

SR: Workers have all but lost the freedom to improve their lives through unions. Working men and women are fed up and ready for a change. We’€™re unified, energized and ready to make sure that working people’€™s issues will have a home in Madison and in the White House.

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