Racine Quartet Sings Homophobic Tune

Doesn’€™t cost the taxpayers a dime.

Helps service the greater needs of all members of the community.

Improves diversity and public service.

Promotes health, education and understanding.

But that didn’€™t stop four Racine alders from voting against a permit for a new Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender center.

Thankfully, this quartet: Jim Kaplan, Q.A. Shakoor II, Michael Shields and Ron Hart, was a vast minority and the permit passed.

‘€œThe center will offer films, speakers, reading groups, STD and HIV testing and counseling, art shows and domestic violence workshops,’€ according to the organizer for the center.

Art shows?

Domestic violence workshops?

STD and HIV testing and counsel?

Oh, the humanity.Good news for the people of Racine though, because explaining his ‘€œpersonal’€ opposition to this incredibly valuable proposal, Kaplan said he got 12 calls against it and that was enough for him.

So, if the good people of Racine want Kaplan’€™s vote on something, get 13 people and call Kaplan. If he doesn’€™t vote for you, then we’€™ll understand his real motives.

A big OWN courage ‘€œkudos’€ also goes to anti-center Alder Shields, who trotted out the old ‘€œI don’€™t discriminate against anybody’€¦.You could be polka dotted.’€

Wonder if he’€™s also worried about ‘€œman on dog’€?

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