Rebecca Bradley Fails to Answer Serious Questions About Fitness for Office at Supreme Court Debate

Her Words and Actions Show Can’t Be Trusted to Treat All Equal Before the Law

MADISON, Wis. — Justice Rebecca Bradley, appointed to court seats an unprecedented three times in just three years by Gov. Scott Walker, has been embroiled in controversy over her actions on the Wisconsin Supreme Court and recently revealed writings.

As reported by numerous media outlets, Bradley left court early, before oral arguments in a case were concluded, to deliver a speech to the state big business lobby in which she declared she was their “public servant.”

One Wisconsin Now has also uncovered a series of articles she wrote using vile, hateful language to refer to members of the LGBTQ community, individuals struggling with drug addiction and voters.

She has also been under fire for opinion pieces in which she compared abortion rights supporters to Nazi sympathizers, equated birth control to murder and called for a state law to allow pharmacists to refuse to fill women’s birth control prescriptions from doctors and said judges ought to be able to lie in their campaigns.

Instead of taking responsibility for her actions, Bradley has recited campaign talking points, made excuses and lashed out at the media.

The following are the statements of One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross following the State Supreme Court candidate debate in which Rebecca Bradley failed to resolve questions about her fitness to continue to serve on the state high court:

“Rebecca Bradley reciting her campaign talking points is not an apology for her vile hateful speech. And it does not explain how she can be trusted to be a fair and impartial member of our Wisconsin Supreme Court.

“She and her special interest allies are spending huge sums of campaign cash to brag about her ‘20 years of experience,’ yet at the same time she demands we ignore years 21 through 24.

“Serious questions have been raised about Rebecca Bradley’s qualifications to hold a seat on our state’s highest court, but by her own words and actions she has shown herself to be unfit.

“Rebecca Bradley may be willing to say or do anything to try to win an election but she has shown she cannot be trusted to uphold the most basic principle of our judiciary that all are equal before the law.”

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