Rebecca Bradley Headed to Homophobic Presidential Candidate Cruz Endorsement Event

‘It Seems Answer to Question: How Many Homophobes Will Rebecca Bradley Joins Hands With is All of Them’

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley, who has been trying to explain away a series of hateful and venomous attacks on gay people and people living with HIV she previously wrote, is attending Right Wisconsin’s Ted Cruz presidential endorsement event this evening, making him the third high-profile anti-LGBTQ elected official she will have done work with over the last several days.

“For weeks, Rebecca Bradley has been pretending that her hateful, homophobic words are a part of her past, yet she is running as fast as she can to stand with every leading homophobe in Wisconsin and nationally,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “First it was homophobe David Clarke, then it was homophobe Rebecca Kleefisch and now Ted Cruz, literally the most homophobic candidate to ever run for president.”

Cruz is being feted tonight by EW Scripps Company’s Right Wisconsin and Charlie Sykes in a desperate attempt to try and derail Republican Presidential Candidate front-runner Donald Trump. Rebecca Bradley, who repeatedly claimed she “put her political inclinations behind her” while receiving three appointments by Gov. Scott Walker in three years, is also receiving financial support from the Republican Party and will be attending highly partisan Right Wisconsin’s “Cruz Coronation.”

Cruz’s homophobic record includes:

  • Saying county clerks should be allowed to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples
  • Opposing marriage equality and claiming progressives want “Mandatory gay marriage.”
  • Voting against prohibitions on employment discrimination based onsexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Supporting “religious freedom laws” that permit discrimination against LGBT individuals.

In writings published in the Marquette Tribune and previously released by One Wisconsin Now, Bradley, in multiple instances, derisively referred to members of the LGBTQ community as “queers” and “degenerates”, claimed “homosexual sex kills,” mocked the AIDS epidemic and declared the nearly 45 million voters who supported President Clinton were, “either totally stupid or entirely evil.”

“Rebecca Bradley has already revealed hatred and contempt for LGBTQ persons,” said Ross. “You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.”

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