Rebecca Bradley Raises Grave Concerns With Her Record and Her Rhetoric

'Huge Red Flags for Anyone Concerned About an Independent and Ethical Judiciary'

MADISON, Wis. — Buoyed by over $1 million in spending on her behalf by Gov. Scott Walker’s money machine, Rebecca Bradley has advanced to the April election for a seat on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court. One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross said that the historically inexperienced Bradley, appointed to judicial slots an unprecedented three times in just three years by Gov. Walker, has many questions to answer about record and her actions.

He commented, “From her inexperience and close ties to corporate special interests to her efforts to hide her radical views on birth control and willingness to mislead the public and the media about her partisan affiliations and coordination with outside groups, Rebecca Bradley has much to answer for.”

Among the issues of grave concern Ross cited are Bradley’s:

Historic lack of experience – Prior to her unprecedented three judicial appointments by Gov. Walker in just three years Bradley was an attorney in private practice. In her applications for her appointments Bradley disclosed she had zero experience in criminal law and merely one trial decided by a jury.

Misleading the public and media – Despite on the record denial from Bradley that she would not coordinate with outside groups or political parties a right wing group that ran $1 million in TV ads on her behalf used footage produced by her campaign and records show the Republican Party of Wisconsin is paying for staff for her campaign and phone calls on her behalf.

Extreme views in opposition to legal birth control – Bradley is so extreme she once compared birth control to murder and supports allowing pharmacists to refuse to fill a woman’s birth control prescription that has been written by a doctor.

Refusal to condemn dishonest judicial campaigns – Bradley has said that she supports the right of judicial candidates to lie in their campaigns.

Hiding her political inclinations – Bradley lied on her application when applying to become a Supreme Court Justice by claiming she had no involvement with any political groups, when in fact, she had been a member of the Republican National Lawyer’s Association. Bradley has also refused to say whether she would participate in a case where the organization being investigated for wrongdoing spent a record $167,000 for her election.

Ross concluded “There are huge red flags for anyone concerned about an independent and ethical judiciary here. Much like her mentor Scott Walker, Rebecca Bradley has shown she is willing to do or say anything to try to win an election. And the same big corporate special interest groups that have spent millions in past races to elect judges that favor their interests are lining up behind her.”

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