Rebecca Bradley Using Homophobe Rebecca Kleefisch Shows Her Apology for Homophobia Hollow

‘Rebecca Bradley Is Not a Victim and She’s Not Sorry. She’s Only Sorry She Got Caught’

MADISON, Wis. — In the midst of a two-week “apology tour” over numerous homophobic slurs One Wisconsin Now unearthed that she wrote in the newspaper as her legal career was beginning, appointed Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley is using Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch to raise money in her bid to keep her seat on the court. In 2010, Kleefisch was publicly criticized for an interview in which she compared same sex marriage to marrying a “dog” and a “table.”

“Rebecca Bradley is begging for forgiveness for her homophobia, and yet she keeps using homophobes to boost her campaign,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “First, it was David Clarke. Now, it’s Rebecca Kleefisch. What’s up for next week, an endorsement from the Westboro Baptist Church?”

Previously, One Wisconsin Now criticized Bradley for claiming she has changed at the same time she is using Milwaukee County Tea Party Sheriff David Clarke in a new digital ad, in her radio ads and as a fundraiser for her campaign. The well-known homophobe Clarke ranted that tea partiers should “rage, then revolt” in response to the legalization of same sex marriage in June 2015, among other slurs.

In an email obtained by One Wisconsin Now, Kleefisch begs supporters to give $500 or more to Bradley, writing:

“The vicious attacks against Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley have reached a new low — even by the Madison political class’ standards.”

“It is a shame that a race for our state’s highest court is being tainted by these offensive and obviously revenge-fueled personal attacks.”

“I am experiencing a bit of déjà vu … they remind me of when Governor Walker and I were facing the recall election and people would constantly yell horrible insults at us, even when we were with our children.”

“This is what my friend Rebecca Bradley is up against in these final weeks of this important campaign. Let’s show her we’ve got her back!

“The election is April 5th and we must rally behind Justice Bradley and help her answer these ridiculous attacks and get the truth out to voters.”

The email also again reveals Rebecca Bradley’s strong partisan ties, as it was paid for by the Republican Party of Wisconsin. Previously filed finance reports from Bradley’s own campaign reveal the Republican Party of Wisconsin provided $4,709.73 for campaign staff wages for her on January 31 and spent another $3,532.74 on paid phone calls for her campaign on January 8.

Rebecca Bradley has claimed she is sorry for the hateful writings, penned over the course of nearly a year, but Ross said her continued reliance on the state’s leading elected homophobes, shows her apology is insincere and dangerous for LGBTQ Wisconsinites who may come before the state’s high court. Bradley has failed to issue any apology for other writings smearing feminists, agreeing with the suggestion that women are to blame for date rape, and a more recent column comparing contraception to murder.

“Rebecca Bradley is not a victim and she’s not sorry. She’s just sorry we caught her,” said Ross.

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