Reject McCains Latest Big Oil Handout

One Wisconsin Now has launched a petition to Wisconsin’€™s Congressional Delegation demanding that they stand against Senator John McCain’€™s plan to giveaway $4 billion in new tax breaks to his friends in Big Oil. In 2006 Bush and McCain supported budget giveaways of $5 billion in tax cuts. This at a time when working people are struggling to pay $4-a-gallon gas prices and Big Oil companies are raking in records profits. One company pocketed as high as $7 billion in only one quarter recently.

According to a report from the Captial Times, ‘€œThe unprecedented rise in gasoline prices helped put 2,600 General Motors employees out of work in Janesville.’€ That plant is scheduled to close as early as the end of 2009. It is pretty clear that the pain at the pump is spreading quickly to many other areas of our economy, especially in working family wallets. Take a moment to sign a petition to your representative in Congress! Tell them to reject the Bush/McCain policies of more tax giveaways to an industry that has devoured so much and given back so little.

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